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Doug Larson

Friday, April 8, 2011

BNKJ friend David Dubose catches a huge beautiful cobia in Hilton Head, SC!

The pristine backwaters of the Lowcountry's saltwater marshes, the countrless islands dotting the rivers and sounds that have been virtually unaltered by human hands, the fine people that make up the resident population of the Lowcountry, and finally the world class fishing that can blow the mind of even the most seasoned and well traveled angler make the Lowcountry fishing experirence a must!

One of the most highly pursued gamefish species in the Lowcountry during summer months is the cobia.  These fish resemble an unholy union between a shark and a catfish but are related to neither one.  They are prized as top notch table fare and revered as, pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting fish to venture into inshore waters.  While averaging between 20 and 40 lbs they can grow to well over 80 lbs.  In fact, the South Carolina state record cobia, weighing in at 92 lbs, was caught just last summer in local waters.  Thank you Jason Dubose ( for contributinng this information and congratulations to your father on this beautiful catch!

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